Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Pursuit: Trying to Do Better Every Day

A few thoughts about trying to do better:

  • Sometimes it hits me like a lightening bolt, I can’t believe I didn’t notice something so obvious. A behavior so completely counter to the sustainable lifestyle will be right in front of me and I’ve been doing it for years. There aren’t as many of those moments anymore. But, I’m still confronted with the fact that it is a challenge to live sustainably.

  • The challenge of living sustainably often creates an inner conflict. There is an element of puritanical behavior in sustainable living that makes me sometimes want to fly in the face of my own ethics and throw some shit away without even worrying if it's recyclable or reusable. But, of course, those moments are brief. I quickly realize that I am just being myself by pursuing this lifestyle. It's what I actually like. I don't preach to people so, at least, I'm not a puritan preacher. And, I can be somewhat pagan when it comes to plants. So there!

  • I realized last night that my family uses disposable, plastic sandwich bags to bring sandwiches to work and school. I didn’t really ever think about it because I eat at home and they pack their own lunches. Seriously, why have I not made reusable sandwich bags for lunches? We spurn paper napkins and paper towels because of their disposable nature; we use cloth. But at least paper napkins are biodegradable! So, there it is, another moment where I find myself feeling like a hypocrite. There is so much to do better. I’ll keep trying.

  • In the pursuit of sustainability, I have been gardening for years. Each year I grow my garden a little bit more. I dream that someday the food I grow in the summer will last through the winter, but I’m not there, yet. I’m trying to be as local as I can by growing food myself and buying from a local farm all summer long, but winter comes and I still haven’t reached the level of squirrelness that I seek. Not enough nuts and acorns to get through the winter.

  • I love lemons. They don’t grow locally in Colorado. So, I guiltily buy bags of them from the grocery store. Other women fantasize about a dream house with a beautiful master suite with a walk-in closet (I know this is true because I’ve seen them on HGTV) while I dream of a greenhouse with lemon trees and lots of other wonderful rarities. I once read that you can grow vanilla beans in a greenhouse. How awesome would that be!?

  • If I were lucky enough for life to give me lemons, I would make something better than lemonade, I’d make lemon-basil margaritas.

  • Next sustainable pursuit: chickens. I’ve wanted a chicken coop since I was old enough to read “Back to Basics” and I’m going to have one filled with chickens if it’s the last thing I do! I’ll be researching (and documenting that research in the journal) through the winter and would love suggestions and advice on how to proceed.


EcoChicHandKnits on January 7, 2010 at 7:08 AM said...

Checking up on your blog ; ) It looks like you're doing great so far!

Love this post! So funny that you mention the plastic sandwich bags. I keep seeing the reusable ones all over Etsy and have been dying to get a set in my pursuit of living eco friendly. I have held off so far because I really don't use them as much and keep finding things i MUST have first ; ) I don't have kids yet and don't pack lunch for myself (lunch is free at work) but I will get a set soon! I actually have one or two saved in my favorites as we speak.

I love how you are trying to grow your own food as well! I have been dying to start a garden to do just the same thing. I just moved into my first house (I lived in an apartment before where i couldnt plant) and cannot wait for spring/summer to come so I can get started. I moved in this past summer but we were clearing the land of all the dead plants and trees and were still working on renovations on the inside and I ran out of time to plant : ( I am totally new to gardening so I really have to look into what can grow in my area (Long Island, New York) but i know I want to grown tomatoes, strawberries as well as plant some fruit trees and see how they do! It will certainly be an experience haha. I am also not very good at taking care of plants indoors, but Im hoping to get much better about it and learn as I go!


Kaati Rocketts on January 7, 2010 at 10:03 AM said...

Maybe, we just need to get a group of friends together for a reusable sandwich bags craft night?

I have to say gardening is my most favorite hobby. Don't feel bad about not knowing much. The more I garden the more I feel like I don't know anything. Thank goodness, the web is full of resources. I'm continually looking up stuff and trying new things. I garden organic, but I'm trying to learn about permaculture which is sort of a more holistic approach.

Good luck with your new house. We went through the same thing last year with remodeling and, of course, we're still not done. :)

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