Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday Tips: Enough with the Vinegar Already!

So, I know I've gone on too much about the wonders of vinegar (to everyone who will listen,) but, really, can you think of anything more amazing than this: 

"Turn a chicken bone into rubber by soaking it in a
glass of vinegar for three days. It will bend like

You might wonder what possible use you could have for such a fact? I've got a couple of ideas. Perhaps you could craft a nice pair of earrings for your mother-in-law, "blessed" by a voodoo priest? Or, make a trick wishbone to fool your nieces next Thanksgiving? 

On the serious side, vinegar is my most favorite household cleaner and fixer of miscellaneous problems. I've used it as a drain cleaner, fabric softener, air freshener, carpet cleaner, stain remover, wood floor cleaner, ant repellent, etc, etc. I've included some links below to various vinegar sites. There are a myriad of uses for this wonder liquid. If you have a wonderful use for vinegar, please share it in the comments. 

This will be my last vinegar post for a long while. I think I've said enough.





cabin + cub on February 3, 2010 at 9:25 AM said...

nerv heard of it turning chicken into rubber? weird! I think i will stick to just using it as a cleaner. ;)

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