Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Pursuit: How Cheap Can You Be? $2,500 Kitchen Remodel

When my husband and I bought our little outdated (Some would say "hovel-like.") c. 1950 home, I could see the clouds of doubt passing behind our loved ones' eyes. It really did look terrible. But, I am known for my incredible cheapness (I would say "thrifty genius.") and I could see the potential in this little place. What follows is a slideshow of our almost completed $2,500 kitchen renovation (and, yes, that includes the appliances.)

Almost everything in this remodel was secondhand, recycled or upcycled. (The employees at the Habitat for Humanity outlet store know me and expect for me to haggle.) We did all of the work ourselves and sometimes our friends and family pitched in, too. We're proud of what we achieved for so little money. We know there is still more to do, but it's soooooo much better than it was.


Anonymous said...

Wow....I have seen your kitchen, but seeing it again how it was and how it is now was a great experience!!! You guys (mostly you sis) have done an amazing remodel. The materials and textures combine to create a work of art in the kitchen...Beautiful!!! Great Job!!!


Kaati Rocketts on February 4, 2010 at 7:09 AM said...

Thanks! When I look at it, I still see all the things I want to do. But, it's definitely nice to step back and give myself a pat on the back. :)

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